How Can I Make Visiting the Dentist Less Stressful?

Millions of people across America have a certain degree of nervousness when they visit the dentist. Unfortunately, some individuals experience these fears and anxieties so strongly that they choose to avoid dental care altogether, which can lead to serious risks to both oral health and general health. If you are anxious or fearful about the prospect of dental treatment, you should know that there are all kinds of ways to take the stress out of visiting the dentist and make the process more comfortable. 


In addition to the many advances in treatment techniques that allow for virtually painless dental procedures, there are a number of steps you can take to alleviate anxiety: 

Choose a Dentist With Whom You Feel Comfortable 

You should always feel comfortable and safe with your dentist. Our dentists in Buxton along with our entire dental care team are committed to providing a compassionate and attentive approach for all of our patients. We will always try to meet your needs and deliver the most comfortable treatment possible. 

Talk to Your Dentist About Your Concerns 

Sharing your feelings regarding dental care is very important. Never hesitate to talk with our team about any fears or anxieties you have about treatment. We can potentially adapt the treatment or the techniques we traditionally utilize to accommodate your needs and concerns! 

Consider Taking a Loved One With You to Your Appointment 

Sometimes all it takes to reduce the burden of stress is to have someone by your side for a little support. If possible, consider inviting a friend or family member to accompany you during your appointment. 

Take Advantage of Sedation Dentistry Techniques 

Sedation dentistry techniques allow many individuals who have high levels of dental anxiety to achieve comprehensive dental treatment in an extremely relaxed state. Dr. Nicholas Roy here at Saco River Dentistry is one of the few general dentists in Maine who has a permit from the state dental board to administer moderate sedation to our patients. Advanced options such as nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation can significantly relieve stress and provide patients with a more comfortable—even pleasant—dental procedure. 

Please don’t let dental phobia or stress prevent you from maintaining optimal oral health and a beautiful smile! If you have additional questions about how we can help you relieve anxiety during dental treatment, please contact us today.