Dental Services

Your smile deserves the same care and attention as any part of your body. At Saco River Dentistry, we are committed to providing exceptional dental treatment that maintains and improves the health and beauty of your mouth. To that end, our experienced cosmetic dentists in Buxton offer a comprehensive selection of dental services that cater to the needs and goals of our patients. Whether you’re seeking a routine cleaning, cosmetic enhancement, or full mouth rehabilitation, our skilled team will help you accomplish your desired outcome. We’re also available to give advice and guide your decision so you feel as comfortable and confident as possible about your experience, from start to finish.

There’s more to know about our practice, so follow the links below to learn about the various dental services we offer. You are also welcome to contact our office with any questions or to schedule a consultation.

Personalized Dental Care

We want to help keep your smile looking beautiful and your mouth working as designed. Our dentists offer an expansive range of services intended to prevent common and complex issues from arising as well as to protect the quality and health of your oral structures. Our preventive dentistry techniques include oral exams, routine cleanings, and fluoride treatments. Additionally, we offer urgent care, laser dentistry, and other advanced options

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Looking to improve the appearance of your smile? Saco River Dentistry offers cosmetic dental treatments that can enhance your teeth in many ways, including making them whiter and brighter, moving them into better alignment, and optimizing their shape and proportions. Whether you would like to address a minor concern or makeover your entire grin, we will customize your procedure to best suit your needs and goals.

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Restoring Function

Accidents can happen, but you don’t have to let them permanently affect the function or beauty of your teeth. Our skilled team can repair your dental concerns using the latest techniques and materials, regardless of the extent of your problem. From cavities to missing teeth, we offer state-of-the-art restorative dental treatment that is designed to be as natural-looking and long-lasting as possible.

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