5 Things to Know Before a Smile Makeover

Patients with multiple dental concerns who want a dramatic improvement in their smile appearance can often benefit from a smile makeover at Saco River Dentistry. Often known as “smile design,” this cosmetic solution is customized for each patient to address a variety of concerns under one comprehensive treatment plan. Our team of cosmetic dentists, led by Dr. Nicholas K. Roy, has undergone advanced dental training to provide patients with an elevated level of care and the best possible results. They proudly offer state-of-the-art treatment options that can transform a patient’s smile and give them a boost in self-confidence.

Before undergoing a smile makeover, it can be helpful to understand some basics about what to expect from the process:

  1. The dentist you choose will affect the quality of your results.
    To get the best possible results, it is important to find a qualified dentist experienced with performing smile makeovers, like our team at Saco River Dentistry. You may also want to view before-and-after photos of their other patients to understand the type of results you can expect from them.
  2. The smile makeover process is different for every patient.
    Every patient has unique needs, aesthetic goals, and facial anatomy. As a result, smile makeovers can vary greatly from patient to patient. While it can be helpful to show examples of smile you like, keep in mind our dentists will recommend what works best for your specific case.
  3. Your smile makeover may require multiple appointments to complete.
    Depending on the number and types of treatments in your smile makeover plan, you may need to attend two or more dental appointments. This allows our cosmetic dentists to focus on providing you with optimal treatment results.
  4. Certain treatments may need to be done in stages.
    If you are undergoing treatments like the dental implant procedure, restoration placement, teeth whitening, or the Invisalign® process, you will most likely need to complete these in stages, which can lengthen the duration of your smile makeover treatment.
  5. Some treatments can wear off with time.
    While many treatments in a smile makeover are considered permanent, certain options may require occasional maintenance treatments. For example, teeth whitening results can fade over time, but with follow-up sessions you can enjoy your whiter smile long-term.

For more information about what you can expect from the smile makeover process at Saco River Dentistry, please contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained and experienced dentists!